how to choose baby carrier for dads

How to Choose Baby Carriers for Dads?

Baby carriers provide immense feeling of bonding and love between parents and kids. Parents can use strollers and pram to carry their baby in and around the city but baby carriers gives the comfort of presence of parents to infants. There are so many parents who love the ease and closeness provided by baby carrier. Baby carrier cuddles your baby around your body while leaving your hands free which is helpful for the parents and as well as for the baby. With the help of these, parents can always keep their baby with them while they are sitting on a desk or taking care of their daily tasks or navigating in crowded places. There are many carrier who claim to be best baby carrier 2014 but choosing for dad is a different game. Here is our guide for you:

How to choose a Right Baby Carrier:

Although mothers are more involved in finding baby carriers for their babies but fathers should also know about how to choose a right carrier for their infants. In this advertising world, there are so many baby carriers available in the market so to find out the best is a tough job. There are certain parameters that need to be checked well before buying the baby carrier for one’s baby. Learn about these parameters in detail.

1. Types of baby carriers available in market: Baby carriers are available in different styles, colors, design and patterns. Selection of baby carriers should be done according to one’s requirements and needs. Along with mother, it also becomes essential for father to be well informed about the different types of baby carriers.

2. Front Carriers: Front Carriers comprise of fabric seat that can equip the baby comfortably. It is attached with two shoulder straps. It is ideal for those babies who can sit properly and whose neck and head are stabilised, basically for the age of 6 months baby. In front carriers, baby can be positioned in two ways either facing towards you or facing towards the things coming to you. The major advantage of front carrier is that the baby can always see the parent’s face and keep smiling.

3. Baby Slings: A sling is a big swath of fabric worn across the torso, across the shoulder. Baby Slings comes in padded, unpadded and with and without rings form. They are good for those mothers who do breastfeeding. The major disadvantage with sling is that these one shoulder support baby carriers can quickly become uncomfortable, especially when your child weighs more than 10 to 15 pounds.

4. Wrap: It is a wide piece of cloth which is worn around the body, across shoulders. Like slings, these are also supportive for the mothers who do breastfeeding. They are very versatile in nature as they can be worn in many forms but they are little confusing and time consuming to take on and off. Also they are not available in padded form. Hence it is uncomfortable for babies at time.

It is always important to consider right parameters when buying a baby carrier or other baby products.